About us

Digitizing Deal has a great experienced team of professional digitizers to work on professional digitizing projects to provide good quality digitizing all over the world. We have a team professional Digitizers with an experience of over 15 years in embroidery digitizing industry, we are fully aware of modern embroidery digitizing. The basic needs of our valued customers. Our staff has trained and educated from highly qualified institutes so. We are all confident in our services that we provide unlimited revisions to fix any problems that arise during the embroidery process. We provide high quality custom embroidery digitizing suitable for both home and commercial embroidery machines with a fast turnaround time. We digitize your designs with quality and the final production in mind, i.e. designs which run smoothly on your machine with minimal thread breakage or trims, thus increasing sewing productivity. We provide fastest turnaround time with best quality digitizing. We never compromise on the standard of our work.

Trust and honesty with a long term business relationship are our main aim. A service with a smile and dedication to help our customers is our key to success. We are here at your services!

We look forward to working with you

Michael Jones.